Laser Curtains from Kentek



Bright Window Coverings provides laser protective barriers and curtains from the worldwide-trusted Kentek. Kentek is the leading provider of laser curtains and the professional technicians at Bright Window Coverings will help you enclose your laster work area with the best laser safety curtains available.

Laser safety curtains move into laser blocking position using roller track systems in the ceiling or using posts in the floor. Laser safety curtains help absorb, block, and diffuse laser radiation.

Kentek Flex-Guard™ laser screen materials offer protection to 200 Watts per square centimeter and their Ever-Guard® provides the ultimate in clean-room friendly laser beam protection with a rating of up to 1200 Watts per square centimeter. All Kentek laser barriers are built to exacting specifications with durable components and will provide years of service. Laser curtains are available in stock to fit many rooms and can be manufactured to meet custom specifications.